Personalized Yoga & Meditation Programs

Divine Yoga Institute – Satyananda Yoga

Kathmandu Nepal

Om Shivam Satyam Niranjanam

Personalized Yoga &
Meditation Programs

Flexible programs for individuals and groups

Special three day, five day and two week programs

A personalized yogic program will be designed according to your interests and needs, drawing from among these topics:

  • Yoga for Beginners (Introduction to Foundation Practices)
  • Yogic Practice for the Preparation of Meditation Postures
  • Yoga for Self-Development and Spiritual Growth
  • Yoga for Releasing Mental and Emotional Tensions
  • Yoga for Physical, Mental and Emotional Relaxation
  • Yogic Breathing Techniques (the Pranayama)
  • Yoga for General Health and Happiness
  • Yoga for Children and Teenagers
  • Yoga for the Trekkers and Hikers
  • Meditations from the Tantras
  • Yogic Technique of Solar Revitalization
  • Yogic Shatkarma (the Cleansing Practices)
  • Yogic Way of Balancing Solar and Lunar Energies
  • The Human Biological Clock and Our Digestive System
  • Yogic Mudras and Bandhas (the Psychic Gestures and Locks)
  • Therapeutic Application of Yoga (both Curative and Preventive)
  • Yogic View on What to Eat, When to Eat and How Much to Eat
  • Yogic Way of Life- The Holistic Principle of Harmony and Unification

Morning, afternoon, and evening sessions are available.

Fees are on a sliding scale, negotiated according to your interest and means.

Yoga Passport Program (six to twelve weeks)


Yoga programs designed for special needs


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