Divine Yoga Institute – Satyananda Yoga Nepal

Divine Yoga Institute – Satyananda Yoga

Kathmandu Nepal

Om Shivam Satyam Niranjanam

Yoga for One and All
Harmonizing Body, Mind and Spirit

Divine Yoga Institute, Satyananda Yoga offers a wide variety of group and individual courses in Yogic art and science. Classes at the Institute contribute to the development of a healthy body, a healthy mind, and healthy thought. Institute teachers help students achieve balanced, harmonious and integrated development of all the aspects of their personalities.

The goal of the Divine Yoga Institute is to promote a Yogic system of life with Yoga as a pathway to true, happy, and healthy living. Yogic training eventually prepares one for spiritual awakening, the supreme aim of human life.

Our Institute is located on Ganesh Marga in Shankhamul, New Baneswar, Kathmandu. We are 15 minutes walk from historic Patan Durbar Square. Here is a map.

Divine Yoga Institute offers group yoga classes six days per week and can arrange personalized tutoring sessions anytime. We can organize short- or long-term retreats and workshops for beginner, intermediate, or advanced students in Nepal or abroad. Let us know what you need!

We have special programs in the following areas:

  • Yogic Health and Wellness Management
  • Yogic Therapy for specific health problems
  • Shatkarma (Yogic Cleansing Practices)
  • Yoga Passport Program for comprehensive, intensive courses


Swami Satyananda

Swami Satyananda

Divine Yoga Institute was established by a team of qualified Yoga professionals trained in Yogic Studies at Bihar Yoga Bharati (BYB) at Bihar School of Yoga (BSY) in Munger, India. BYB is the first Yoga University of its kind in the world.

The Institute follows the BSY/BYB method of teaching, founded by Swami Satyananda Saraswati, a direct disciple of Swami Shivananda of Rishikesh.

Swami Satyananda promoted the most profound and holistic aspects of Yoga, covering body, mind, emotions, intellect, spirit and karma. He was the first to widely popularize and spread the therapeutic effects of Yoga.

Sannyasi Vishnuswaroop

Sannyasi Vishnuswaroop

Mr. Thakur Krishna Uprety, B. A. and M. P. A. is the main yoga instructor/ trainer and founder of Divine Yoga Institute. He gives personalized yoga, meditation, and philosophy classes.

In addition to having a formal degree in Yogic Studies, Mr. Uprety is
among the small number of yoga teachers registered with the Nepal Health Professional Council, a national health standards organization.

When teaching yoga, Mr. Uprety uses the name given him by his guru when he was initiated into Karma Sannyasa: Sannyasi Vishnuswaroop.

Sannyasi Vishnuswaroop received his Diploma in Yogic Studies from Bihar Yoga Bharati. He is a disciple of Swami Satyananda Saraswati and was trained under the direct guidance and supervision of Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati in the Guru Kula tradition of Bihar School of Yoga.

Sannyasi Vishnuswaroop has authored several books on classical Yoga, Tantra, and Meditation. He has been teaching yoga and meditation to both Nepali and foreign nationals for more than fifteen years.

Divine Yoga Institute is a registered yoga studio with the Government of Nepal.

DYI is in New Baneswar (Kathmandu),
near the Shankhamul Bridge, near Heartland Montessori Based Pre-school and Day Care Center (previously Kadambari Memorial College of Science and Management ) on Ganesh Marga, Shankhamul, Kathmandu, Nepal.

It is only ten minutes walk
from Patan Durbar Square.

Directions from Patan:
Cross the Sankhamul Bridge.
(Cars can’t cross the bridge, bikes can.)
Turn right at the third street.
Follow Ganesh Marga to DYI.


Divine Yoga Institute, Satyananda Yoga
Ganesh Marga, House 321/42
Shankhamul, New Baneswar

Postal address:
Divine Yoga Institute
GPO Box 24138
New Baneswar–34, Kathmandu

Sannyasi Vishnuswaroop (Thakur Krishna Uprety)
e-mail [email protected] or [email protected]