Yoga therapy teacher training Montreal

Yoga therapy teacher training Montreal

Yoga Therapy Certification

350HR Yoga therapy teacher training Montreal

Yoga therapy teacher training in Montreal, developed by Swami Saranyananda  (Yogasanteplus), based on traditional Hatha yoga, the teachings of BKS Iyengar and Satyananda (Canada, Nepal and the United States). 

Yoga therapy teacher training Montreal (available only in French)

Yogasanteplus is officially certified and accredited member of the International Yoga Federation (IYF)

Our yoga therapy teacher training diploma is officially endorsed and certified by the International yoga federation and accredited internationally by the Fédération Francophone de Yoga in the Yoga therapy teacher training official program

Member of the World Yoga Council (International Advisor for Canada)

Official secretary of International Yoga Federation for French Canada

Member of the Administrative Council of the Francophone Yoga Federation


Time and Day:

250 hours credited.

100 hours of comprehensive distance learning and teaching practice.

(study, research, homework and personal practice)

Friday 6 pm to 9 pm – Saturday 12 noon to 6 pm – Sunday 12 noon to 6 pm.


26 – 27 – 28 of June 2015

24 – 25 – 26 of July 2015

28-29-30 August 2015

11 – 12 -13 September 2015

30 – 31 Octuber and November 1th 2015

29 – 30 – 31 January 2016

26 – 27 – 28 February 2016

18 – 19 – 20 March 2016

22 – 23 – 24 April 2016

27 – 28 – 29 May 2016

17 – 18 – 19 June 2016

29 – 30 – 31 July 2016

Total training time in contact with the professor: 250

Total hours of research, homework and practice: 100

Total training hours: 350

Tuition: $ 3,300 tax included,  ($ 250 deposit non refundable)

Monthly payment plan options available, (please contact us directly) 

Included: Theoretical manual teacher, CD Yoga Nidra.

Not included: meals, accommodation, purchase of recommended personal meetings for guidance books.


Why should I follow this training?

Besides, deepening your knowledge and continuing your journey of self-discovery and exploration in order to teach from your own experience, this training provides the competitive edge that will help you thrive as a yoga teacher in this so crowded yoga market.

Due to yoga increased popularity and the proven health benefits of yoga practice, there is an increasing demand for teachers with a recognized yoga therapy training certification, a demand that is expected to keep growing for the years to come.

There are not a sufficient number of highly qualified yoga teachers to meet this demand. Most of this demand is coming from the fastest-growing demographics sector of baby boomers and people with a wide-range of illnesses, physical disabilities and specifics needs, looking for yoga as complementary health care approach. With this training you will be prepared to meet these demands as well as to other demographics segments looking to satisfy their needs for health and wellbeing.

You will be able to identify your client whole story. You will be skilled to inspire and guide them toward their therapeutic process and wellbeing. With the knowledge and experience acquired, you will have the confidence to tailor a personalized yoga therapy session and to develop a holistic vision of the human being. You will get a better understanding of the physical and subtle bodies and the ability to adapt your expertise and experience to your client own specifics needs and personal practice.


How is this training different from other courses?

This training is one of the few therapeutic certification recognized by the International Yoga Federation and the francophone federation of yoga.

Program director with 1562 certified hours of yoga training from Nepal, USA and Canada, more than 2500 hours teaching time, plus the ongoing continuing professional education. For more information, visit our professional resume page.

This teacher training is based on my own personal yoga practice and experience through illness and the insight of how yoga therapy helped me through difficult times.

Expertise acquired from many hours of training and years of dedicated full-time teaching yoga therapy in privet and group classes; as well in privet institutions and non profit organization (elderly care, cardiology, multiple sclerosis and mental-physical disabilities).

Make you part of our most important purpose and mission which are to provide health and well-being and act in the best interests of our community.

This training will guide teachers towards their own personal yoga experience. Teachers are required to commit to a significant personal daily practice in order to live what they teach and get the expertise to teach from their own experience and not only through the experience of modern yoga teachers or books. Your own personal practice is the tipping point when it comes to share your knowledge, motivate and inspire your student.



This training is for yoga teachers who have already completed training in Hatha Yoga with a minimum of 200 hours, with teaching experience, or have work experience in a field related to health.

Different aspects of training


Personal practice

Personal development work

Homework and research to further education

Further Reading

Observation courses


Part I: therapeutic yoga

What is yoga therapy?

What is the disease?

Aspects of personality in yoga and how the body (koshas) work, their unions, what happens when these bodies are débalancés? And what is their ultimate goal?

Understanding the role of the ego and how it plays the most important role in the development of diseases or any other imbalance.

What is suffering? Understand how suffering is created and how it is the source of diseases and health problems.

Personality, memory, thoughts and patterns.

What is healing?

The stages of grief.

Part Two: The causes of imbalance and disease by yoga.


Physical imbalance.

Mental imbalance.

Pranic imbalance.

Psychic imbalance.

The three types of pain or suffering.

The four types of karmas.

Lila, the play of the universe.

The three types of voltages.

Five enemy prevent spiritual evolution.

The inclinations of the mind undisciplined.

Part Three: The importance of prana in the healing and prevention.

What is prana?

Prana vayus.


Nodes (granthis).

What is pranayama?

Fundamental Practices pranayamas.


What are the benefits of pranayama?

Sources of prana

Sleep cycles.

The digestive system.

Part Four: Yoga restaurateur and how to build a therapeutic yoga session and restaurateur.

Supported postures, restorative, semi-reconstructive and therapeutic chair.

Yoga and medicine. (Doctor of Medicine invited)

The nervous system.

The immune system.

The endocrine system.

The reproductive system.

The four ways to make the savashana.

The theory of the three boxes to create a yoga therapeutic and restorative.

Learn to program or adjust a group course.

That the teacher should know and do to build a session.

Adjustment, alignment, adjustment and practice (learning to modify postures for every body type and disease.)

Ayurveda and how it can contribute to therapeutic yoga. (Ayurveda Specialist guest).

Yoga and Psychology. (Psychologist guest)

Part Five:

Study categories of asanas and their therapeutic benefits.

Sun salutation and its benefits.

Meditation and its benefits.

Relaxation techniques.

Corporate Yoga: build a course according to the categories of jobs, jobs at risk and injury.

Part VI: study of some conditions (back pain, cancer (breast), arthritis, fibromyalgia, insomnia, anxiety, migraine, digestive system disorder)

The description of the pathology.

Its main causes.

The systems involved in the pathology.

Chakras, and granthis koshas involved or imbalance related to pathology.

Sequence of asanas, pranayama, relaxation technique.

Indications and cons-indications.

Swami Saranyananda (Antonella)

Certified in therapeutic yoga and Hatha yoga, chakra awakening and prenatal yoga. Recognized and certified in Nepal and Montreal by the International Yoga Federation and the Francophone yoga Federation. With 17 years of personal practice, over 1500 hours of training and over 2500 hours (8 years full time) of teaching and instruction.

Contact us to register and receive the registration form or for any other inquiries.