Prenatal yoga Montreal

Yoga Prénatal à Montréal

Yoga Prenatal Montreal

Prenatal Yoga Montreal

10 courses for $130 ($ 13 per course). Yoga instruction manual included (PDF format, french version).

Our prenatal yoga classes in Montreal are essentially the practice of postures, breathing, visualization and relaxations techniques tailored for each pregnancy’s phases. These courses will help you in the labor and birth experience, it will prepare your emotionally and physically to go through the pregnancy’s different phases and the childbirth process with confidence and serenity.

During pregnancy physically and mentally preparation for childbirth is a must and one of the best option available to get prepare is with a prenatal yoga class. You will develop your flexibility, endurance, relieve tension, anxiety, stress, fatigue and alleviate some of the pain and discomfort associated with pregnancy, such as ankle swelling, nausea, water retention, lower back pain and sciatica nerve pain, to mention few.

The majority of women who practice prenatal yoga during pregnancy dint need to take the epidural and because their breathing technique during labor nurses always asked them if they practiced yoga.

You will experience a state of union with your body and mind, but more especially with your beloved baby.

Our prenatal yoga class in Montreal offer you the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to team-up, tune in, prepare and connect with your baby before the most important time for the both of you.

 *please check in with your health care provider to ensure that Yoga is right for you*

(The practice of yoga is always complementary to medical treatment, it does not replace it)


Private lessons: $ 50 / h. ($ 60 for 2 pers.) ($ 70 for 3 pers.)

Antonella (SwamiSaranyananda Saraswati)

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