Swami Saranyananda Saraswati profeseure de yoga au Montreal

Yoga Sante Plus is a project, a lifestyle where we value integrity and caring for others, where your health and wellbeing are among our top priorities.

Our therapeutic experience has allowed us to make people’s lives better, healthier and happier.

Teaching Yoga is not about making a living, it is about making a life and making yoga truly accessible to everyone.

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop and work on projects that will allow us to share our passion: “help the whole community to restore and maintain their health and well-being, to help them reach their full potential through the practice of Yoga and make yoga accessible to all without any restriction”.

We are fully devoted to honor and teach the ancient tradition of yoga as it was taught thousand years ago and to offer education and sufficient knowledge to make everybody capable to practice these ancient techniques at home and on their everyday routine.

Our daily goals consist in coaching and assisting as many people as possible with these simple techniques that offer a healthy lifestyle and a good physical and emotional health; simple techniques that teach us to relax and reduce everyday stress and to maintain a strong immune system.

People will gain not only physical fitness but also they’ll learn a therapeutic system and experience inner self-transformation thanks to these ancient techniques, philosophy, and discipline of yoga.

Certified member of the International Yoga Federation and the Francophone federation of yoga.